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my name is lily-rose, i'm a huge derp and i like most things ♡

Anonymous said: I love how you strive to live a normal life despite everyone wanting to know about your mom and dad, you are awesome Lily - I have followed you for a few years now and you are growing up so beautifully. I honestly wish we were good friends in life because you seem like the same personality as me and we would get along well. ~ College life is fun btdubs, get ready for freedom and finding parts of yourself you never knew you had. Keep on keeping on, you rock - (yes you, not just your parents) :)

Thank you :)

tigereef said: fav 1975 song?


wasted-dr3ams said: im kinda cryin bc queen jk posted a story about dumbledore's army at the quidditch world cup, all grown up :') (on pottermore btw) xx

Yup read it :)

lacheekyvida said: I literally can't believe u met 1d, were they nice??😍i need to meet them how did u do it 😞(p.s. your tumblr is perf)

Very! & Well once they came to my house and the other times have been backstage at concerts ha

Anonymous said: How many followers do you have ?







really? i liked her i felt she had an important part in harry potter


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